Welcome to Native Hearth, where I want to share fresh inspiration to the modern food community to bring more awareness to indigenous food culture through the eyes of a young native woman. I want to inspire young people of all cultures about the diverse food and stories behind native culinary traditions. Join me as I travel to food conferences, cook in my kitchen, eat at restaurants, go to farmers markets, tell stories, read cookbooks, cook with chefs, talk with elders, travel and most of all have fun!

Come sit around this native hearth where we will be inspired by the flavors of the earth!


Hi, my name is Maizie, a passionate young Mohawk woman currently living on my family’s farm in California. Growing up in the gardens or in the farm kitchen, I’ve always had an obsession with food, whether it was eating, cooking or planting. ¬†Food has been a big part of my life! Follow me on a journey of food, culture and tradition.

Maizie helps The Sioux Chef (Sean Sherman)