The Haudenosaunee Food Project

The Haudenosaunee Food Project (HFP)

For my Eighth grade project, I want to do a food project for the months of January and February where we have 10+ Haudenosaunee participants follow the native pre-colonial diet of our people to see how it affects their overall health, energy, weight, etc. Before starting the diet participants will go to the doctor and get a physical (blood pressure, weight, etc). The participants will eat a strictly pre-colonial diet for 2 months. I will be posting recipes that are easy to make! I will create an Instagram/Facebook account where we can have conversations, recipes, updates, and more! We will share recipes, tips, have weekly discussions on how we are feeling, etc!  

At the end of our 2 months everyone will go back to the doctor and get another physical (blood pressure, weight, etc) and see how eating traditional can affect our health and well being, I’ll be looking at this through a cultural and scientific lens.

Is this something you are interested in participating in? DM me on Instagram at @native_hearth or email me at

2 thoughts on “The Haudenosaunee Food Project

  1. What a great project for you, Maizie. I will share, but if you need anything for your project, please let us know. Grandpa and I support for schooling and efforts and glad you are so “tech” savvy! Keep up the good work! You will be famous someday!


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